Value Stream Mapping

Every day is busy, with a constant motion of customers and employees.  Everyone is working…but what actions are adding value to the bottom line and what actions are just wasted motion? 

Value stream mapping strikes at the core of this question.  It is a comprehensive exercise to determine how your cosmetic team, mechanics, detailers, and sales associates directly add value to the organization. 

Knowing the landscape of business is the surest way to plan a winning strategy.

Business capabilities

Cycle times

Lead times

Capacity planning

Benchmark current state

Cash flow analysis

Customer correlations

Metric alignment

Visual management

Revenue opportunities

S.W.O.T. alignment

Charting a course for success

Baseline for Improvment

RPM will work with you to plot out the cash flow through your business.  This is often a very enlightening activity as it ties the daily actions of each department back to the overall revenue stream.  Understanding this relationship can have an enormous impact on your future business planning and improvement initiatives.

New Insight

Plotting out the entity of your business model in on place is a powerful business tool.  So often the focus is on the competition or the customers, thus dealerships forget to look inward during their performance evaluations.  Unlock the hidden value with RPM.