Staffing Models and Strategies

We help you answer the question of how many employees you need to run the business successfully.  Taking a deep look at the expectation and services you wish to provide your customer will ensure that your teams are not carrying additional headcount or overburdened by their workloads. 

Let RPM help you put the right resources in the right areas.

Customized to each individual business group, whether paint, cosmetic, porter, sales associate or customer service adviser, your detailed staffing plans will ensure you are always in control of your labor cost.

Labor modeling

Equipment utilization

Staffing efficiency

Hourly and flat rate

Work content validation

Job functions and descriptions

Progression mapping

Performance incentives

Skill and pay calibration

Building Teams and Strategies for Performance

Labor Modeling

Labor is one of the greatest business costs, but most owners and manager add and subtract headcount based on feel or instinct.  Great dealerships are strategic in headcount allocation and know the value they can obtain from each detailer, painter, and mechanic before the position is posted.  Gain the edge by having RPM build your model for staffing success.

Advanced Situational Planning

Business is a dynamic environment. Growth and turnover is a fact of operations, yet promotions and turnover often throw departments into chaos.  Get ahead of the fluctuations to stay focused on your business goals with operational planning support from RPM.