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RPM Recon Automotive Consulting Services

RPM recon automotive consulting services will help you maximize your automotive business performance through a range of offerings covering your financial, facility, and functional needs. 

RPM categorizes the following areas for business optimization but ultimately our solutions are tailored to the specific business demands of our customers.

Whether focused on web-lead conversions or decreasing service cycle times, RPM will build a custom solution for your business.  As no two clients have the same needs, RPM can individualize these services to help drive your business forward.

RPM believes in training and educating our clients for success.  To learn more please contact RPM for more information about building your custom business solution today.

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  • Improve Fixed Operations Margin 

  • Marketing Spend and Customer Conversions

  • Inventory Turns & Capital Allocations

  • F&I Product Offerings and Performance 

  • Revenue Stream Tracking by Department 

  • Waste Reduction and Margin Erosion Analysis


  • Fixed Operations Performance and Revenue

  • CRM and DMS Utilization and Leverage 

  • Sales and Service Execution 

  • Business Development and Customer Retentions

  • Talent Managment and Staffing  

  • Customer Satisfaction Index and Experience Delivery (VOC)


  • Customer Environment and Flow

  • Space Planning and Utilization 

  • Physical Inventory Mangement

  • Parts Managment, Storage, and Handling 

  • Fixed Operations Equipment and Investments 

  • Specialty Bays and Services (Quick Oil, Inspection, Paint Booths…)

A Strategic Business Partnership with RPM

Project Support 

Working with you and your teams on your schedule through remote connections, shared content and personal support. On location or remotely, RPM is committed to following through on projects and change initiatives. Partnering with our clients for lasting business relationships.

On Retainer

On-call as needed to support your development and implementation efforts. Every customer and relationship is different and can be supported at a flat billable hourly rate.  Pay for what you need when you need it. 

Not Finding What You Need?

The automotive service and aftermarket business landscapes are constantly changing and accelerating into the next generation.  Mergers, acquisitions, and fierce technology competitions are now commonplace.  RPM is committed to staying out in front of the competition with innovative solutions and product offerings which are offered exclusively to our clients.  Schedule your free consultation with RPM to discuss your specific needs and business goals to determine if a strategic partnership with RPM is right for you.

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