Automotive Fixed Operations Support

When was the last time you looked under the hood of your business? 

We are the experts that can diagnose your services, find opportunity, recognize risk, and discover loss at the point of occurrence allowing you to focus on running the business. 

Imitating others will never let you outperform. We offer innovation for the competitive edge you need.

Inventory Levels

Visual Management

Performance Tracking

Production Capacities


Cycle Time

Down Time

Days Wait

The Heart Beat of Business

Efficiency and Execution

We don’t sell software or quick fix tools. You already have a shop full of tools and technical knowledge. RPM will fine tune your team to run more efficiently. We teach you to see opportunity, to recognize risk and loss at the point of occurrence. We teach your team to self-identify areas of improvement and profit opportunity.

Exceeding Expectations

Our focus is on understanding your current state condition and moving the needle for specific metrics based on your operating capacities and goals.  We respect that every organization has its own culture, priorities and values and we will work to coach and enhance your leadership team to deliver what your business needs and what your customers expect.