Lean Training for Execution

Lean, six sigma, green belts, kaizen…How do you move from buzzwords to value? 

“Lean” is not a new idea, you may even be familiar with some of the tools, but what adds true value to your process?  

A tool without training is decoration.   RPM breaks down the thought process of value creation behind lean, teaching you to see waste.  Our training covers practical application and ends with an actionable implementation plan.

Forget the buzzwords and learn how a value creation mentality will help your teams produce higher revenues and more free cash for the business.

Customized content

Waste identification

Lean tool selection and use

Adaptive problem solving

5s application

Manager routines

Customer facing applications

Value tracking

Work routines

Standardization (SOP’s)

Training for Retaining

Custom Content

Every work space and team is different.  By first taking time to understanding the current state, RPM can tailor training for optimal results.  The goal is to build understanding and change behaviors on an individual level for organizational impact.  We adapt to work within your culture and team dynamic to foster the strongest possible learning environment.

Individual Influence

We focus on the people side of change and understanding.  Your teams must internalize on a collective and individual level.   We know our audience and know how to tailor our content for effectiveness.

Shop Floor Focus

The “Gemba” or place where work happens is the focal point of our approach.  What is practical for everyday application?  What augments the business and daily execution?  How can we influence individual decision making processes for standardized results?  By understanding the realities of the work and everyday transactions and expectations of the business.  Our on-the-ground insight combined with engineering expertise gives RPM the edge.

Road Map for Improvement

Improvements for today and tomorrow and three years from now. Constantly refining and improving, not just for the sake of change, but to exploit business opportunity when and where it makes sense. RPM provides guidance for continued improvements and sustainable success.