Growth Strategies

What would it take to double revenue?  Are you capable of handling a 20% increase in customer traffic? Do you have an R&D budget for business growth?  Are you increasing market penetration or growing market share?
Lasting business success is not an accidental occurrence.
Having the right plan in place is the first step in achieving your goals. 
Get an unbiased opinion on your strategy and risk management, or sit down and build a plan with our experience and guidance on your side.

Faster RO Turns

Increase Ticket Revenue

Strategic Partnerships

Add-On Services

Vendor Relations

Grow Revenue Streams

Market Differentiation

Investment Planning

Engineered Business Solutions

Data Driven

There is more data about your customer available than ever before.  You have piles and columns of it sitting in files.  What do you do with it?  How do you comb through it to extract value?  Let RPM help you filter through the noise to find value and meaningful trends buried in the numbers.

Fresh Perspective

Day in and day out execution can blur the surrounding environment and cause us to miss the forest for the trees.  Gain a new perspective on business and operations and survey from an alternate vantage point to help you better map the landscape ahead.


It is impossible to chase every new trend or idea.  Defining what makes sense for your business at a given junction is critical to achieving meaningful objectives.   RPM can help define resource utilization and project prioritization for lasting growth and continued success.

Market Potential

The opportunities are there if you can out-think the competition.  Vehicles are getting older, customers are financing longer, and loan debt is increasing.  What is the next move in this marketplace for your business?