Automotive Space Planning and Design

A great design. You know it when you see one.   Where teams engage and move seamlessly around desks and equipment, unimpeded by the building or work space.  Everything is positioned to compliment the task at hand, not haphazardly positioned to be worked around.   Effortless motions and transactions orchestrated by RPM.  

RPM is experienced in working with architects, engineers, project managers and owners to ensure your business needs are met and built to your exact standards.

30+ construction projects

Shop and showroom layouts

Equipment placement

Utility requirements

Ergonomic design considerations

Mechanical, electrical, plumbing fixture placement

Parking lot and customer parking layouts

Equipment selection

Floor plan space utilization

Construction and Remodeling Consulting

Service Center and Body Shop Design Consulting

Is it time to invest in another paint booth?  What percentage of the shop space should be dedicated to aluminum repair to be profitable?   Will converting to waterborne really get me cost savings?  Whether your budget is $10,000 or $10 million RPM can ensure you have the equipment you need to support your customer and keep pace with their demands.  We dive into the details of physical infrastructure, vehicles flow, employee workspaces, equipment positioning, and customer interactions to ensure that no detail is overlooked. 

Our experience ranges from small three bay shops service shops to designing repair and reconditioning centers with multiple paint, detail, and mechanical repair areas capable of churning out hundreds of vehicles a week.  RPM has the cutting edge design experience and vision you need to return your invested capital as quickly as possible.  Partner with the leader, partner with RPM.  

Dealership Showroom Design Consulting.

Price and selection can get traffic through the door, but savvy dealerships understand that closing sales and securing continued service from the competition takes the right environment for the customer.  The big players make big investments in differentiating this experience. 

From customer lounges to conference rooms and workstations, today’s modern dealerships are different.  How you invest in remodeling or expanding can have a critical impact on the payback period.  Properly accounting for and modeling the process of customer interactions and flow between sales, service, and the F&I office can ensure that your customers get the standout dealership experience that you desire. 

Plan for Success With RPM

Investment Protection

Whether tens of thousands or millions of dollars in construction costs, your investment represents your growth and development.  You have the vision but what you build is permanent, and if it doesn’t work for your customers or employees you are going to hear about it.  Build confidently with RPM plan reviews and site coaching.

Know your strengths

Your architect might not be familiar with your business since their expertise is in drawing and document creation and not in automotive operations.   They look for ease of design and construction, not maximizing customer and employee efficiency.   RPM is automotive.

original Ideas

Why copy when you can create?  RPM can help develop new solutions unique to your business and your customers that will not only look great but set you apart from the competition.

Plan for the future

Are you designing for the needs of today or are you anticipating the needs of the business five and ten years from today? Visualizing the future needs will help ensure the lasting success of your efforts today.