RPM Recon Consulting

The RPM Difference

What do Ford, GMC, FCA, and VW all have in common? They all employ teams of engineers who focus on product development, business performance, new innovations, and efficiency. They understand how engineered solutions directly contribute to business sustainability.

RPM applies these techniques to the automotive aftermarket, retail, and service sectors for the benefit of owners, investors, developers, and managers. The big picture is our picture.

Up Front Communication

  • Goals

  • Plan

  • Limits

  • Scope

  • Issues

  • Review

Focus on Metrics

  • Data Mining

  • Reporting Tools

  • Sourcing

  • Analytics

Clear Action Plans

  • Achievable Targets

  • Result Timelines

  • Change Management

  • Visual Tools


Experience makes the difference.  Founder and lead consultant Michael Pokora has designed complex systems, tools, models, and operating resources for both large and small automotive aftermarket, retail, and service applications. As an industrial and systems engineer, he has worked in senior engineering roles for both CarMax and Carvana supporting national expansion and unit margin optimization. He is a passionate and driven visionary who believes in empowering people to be successful in any role. Find out why partnering with RPM is a catalysis for your business success.