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Serving owners, investors, dealerships, equipment manufacturers, and automotive aftermarket service providers.

Why Partner with RPM Recon Automotive Consulting?

RPM is committed to creating the future of automotive service and operations with our clients.  Our focus is on redefining the existing industry paradigms to find new growth paths, revenue streams, and cost-effective operational improvements.

We are innovators, not imitators.  Our goal is to create the practices, resources, and processes that will define the next decade of the industry.  Most other industry advisers are former owners and managers offering a replication of what worked in their business.  Our bias is in sound operational engineering principles, not historical automotive practices.  RPM, leading not imitating.

Automotive Consulting Services


We follow the money.  It starts with understanding how your operations and investments generate cash flow for the business.  RPM helps our clients optimize their existing revenue streams, and develop future investments to maximize retained earnings.  Turn your financial goals into actionable strategies with RPM.



RPM knows that the consistent and proficient execution of a business plan is the only way to achieve peak performance. From customer scheduling to service and delivery, every aspect of the business has to be executed seamlessly. RPM can provide the evaluations, coaching, and tools to help your teams execute flawless business functions for your customers.



This is the foundation for the execution of the business strategy and includes service capacities, space planning, an inventory management plan, and customer flow.  RPM can assist with your existing facility optimization and usage or help you design the future space your business needs.   


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Why hire RPM Recon as a consultant for your dealership or automotive service business?

RPM Recon automotive consulting offers a differentiated vantage point to help you gain new insight from which to learn and take action.  RPM offers access to unique industry knowledge and advanced operational concepts that are not addressed by others in the industry.   

  • Increase dealership profitability across operations and sales

  • Manage inventory with greater control and margin insight

  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

  • Maximize your fixed operations earning potential 

  • Align performance and execution across multiple storefronts and dealer properties

  • Increase total F&I operating margin

  • Improve web traffic conversion for automotive sales

  • Get more utility and insight out of your existing DMS and CRM systems

  • Gain a deeper understanding of operational concepts and metric impacts

Engineered Business Solutions

RPM offers engineered solutions, structured problem solving, management tools, and data analytics with years of automotive service industry experience.

RPM Recon automotive consulting provides innovative ideas, process guidance, resource development, and training to optimize our client’s performance. RPM is a flexible firm that can provide tailored and targeted support on demand.  Our services allow our clients to improve their businesses and service offerings without long-term commitments.  Take your business to the next level of performance with RPM.